Parent Information


Child Care Information Services (CCIS) PA Subsidy Program

If you are having a difficult time funding care for your child, please check out the follow website to see if you qualify for assistance through the CCIS program. 

Department of Human Services

Department of Human Services is the agency that oversees Child Care Centers in Pennsylvania. They hold the state regulations that each center must follow. To get more information on this please visit the following website. 

Pennsylvania Keys to Quality

Keystone Stars is a program that centers may choose to participate in. When participating in this program, centers are assessed every 2 years to see the quality center they are running. The ratings are Star 1 (lowest) through Star 4 Accredited (highest). The standards are strict and go above the Department of Human Services. Please check out the following site to see what it means to be a quality Stars Center. 

National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

NAEYC is another program that centers may choose to participate in. Participating in this program means another set of standards to follow that help the center implement high quality care. In order to receive accreditation, the center must be assessed every 5 years and annually turn in paperwork to meet standards. For more information on the program or for information in general on young children, please check out the following websites.