"Hiland Child Care is a family to us."

Tim K. - "Hiland Child Care is a family to us. My wife and I have had a child at Hiland for over twenty years! We remember how at the time our first was born some people still placed a stigma on having someone else "raise" your child while you worked. That thought seems laughable now!... Our kids actually hate to leave Hiland at the end of most days. Our children have many friends at Hiland and included among them are the teachers and caregivers of many years. We know that long after our kids have grown and left Hiland, they will have friends who will gladly help them when life calls on them to help."

"We could not be more pleased!"

Jennifer and Stephen V.- "Our daughter has been with Hiland Child Care Center since January 2007, and we could not be more pleased! The staff is always patient, caring and encouraging with the children. HCCC provides a warm and structured environment that is essential for her comfort and development. We are informed of the everyday activities and events, and we truly appreciate the teachers. Kudos to you all, we find great comfort knowing that our daughter is in your capable hands!" 

"We would recommend Hiland without hesitation to any family!"

Laura and Charles M.- "We are taking advantage of this opportunity to share with you our thank you and gratitude for the nine years that you and your team have taken care of, supported and provided educational opportunities for our daughter. It seems like just yesterday we were shopping for a new day care and almost accidentally found Hiland. Since that time we have been completely pleased with the care, attention, flexibility and support with the Hiland team. While we were looking for a day care, instead we found so much more. Your programs are great, particularly the summer program which allows the kids to have true summer fun and build friendship with each other.
We would recommend Hiland without hesitation to any family! We thank you and the team very much."

"I would get hugs every morning from a teacher to start off my day...."

Kate F.- "According to the dictionary, to support is to provide a basis for the existence of subsistence of someone or something. I think that really explains my experience at Hiland. Here are some fun facts..I've known my own Mother only 8 weeks longer than some of the teachers at Hiland. I would get hugs every morning from a teacher to start off my day, and every time I would have a problem, a teacher would notice and help me out with whatever it was that was bothering me. Now that is some serious support! I have calculated something interesting. For about five hundred dollars a month, twelve months a year, I have probably around 68,000 hugs, long lasting friends, teachers turned into family, and a support system that I will always be able to fall back on. I have had a chance to stand on stage and sing and dance(my love of music was acquired there at an early age) and become a " buddy" to a 3 year-old.

Tears have been shed,,jokes have been shared, and all along my friends from Hiland remain loyal...Support. That's all that can really explain everything I have experienced. As I looked back on the sad faces my last day, I knew that this was not the end. It was merely the beginning."